Mighty EP

by Lord Huron

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holly_ilex thumbnail
holly_ilex Listening to your music makes me want to move into a blockhouse deep in the woods...
Please don't stop writing music and please come and tour Germany.
Thank you guys! Favorite track: Mighty.
John Brown
John Brown thumbnail
John Brown lord Huron Rules Favorite track: The Stranger.
James Murphy
James Murphy thumbnail
James Murphy I still say "The Stranger" is one of your guys' most underrated tracks of old. Saw you play a version of it in concert in 2016 and I loved it with your newer sound - think about re-releasing it! Favorite track: The Stranger.
James Ingold
James Ingold thumbnail
James Ingold Son of a gun seems a precursor to the more understated songs of Lord Huron's LP. Favorite track: Son of a Gun.
Hannah Coates
Hannah Coates thumbnail
Hannah Coates I discovered Lord Huron through a free Amazon download. They're probably my favourite band this year. Described as tropical folk, this EP has epic vocals and instrumentation. AND tells a good story, too. Favorite track: When Will I See You Again.
Sarah Oksiuta
Sarah Oksiuta thumbnail
Sarah Oksiuta This song will never EVER get old. ("The Stranger") Weird ass video, though. Favorite track: The Stranger.
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released November 2, 2010


all rights reserved



Lord Huron Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Mighty
You were a wild thing when you were younger,
stomping through the jungle.
You were mighty and you were stronger
but I bow no longer.
All your temples will lie in ruin
once I ravage through them.
All your rivals will not go near you
but I do not fear you.
Well, you howl and you roar,
but I am not afraid of you anymore.

You think you can have it?
Then come and get it.
Track Name: Son of a Gun
Oh there was a time when she'd lie in the grass
and imagine the places she'd never go.
And there all alone she would pleasure herself
with thoughts of a man she would never know.
Lying there, she made a promise that one day she'd run
and she'd find just the man she was looking for.
Well, she fell in love with that son of a gun,
but he was not the man that she took him for.
When he came to town he came rambling in
on a great cloud of dust carried by the wind.
Oh, it wasn't long before he pulled her in
and he asked her to come run away with him.
He saw a pretty young girl who was ready to run
and she saw just the chance she'd been looking for.
Well, she fell in love with that son of gun,
but he was not the man that she took him for.
They headed out west driving into the sun
and he promised her she was the only one.
Well, he was a thief and he'd steal just for fun.
He'd go cruising around with his little gun.
He ran afoul of the law and decided to run
and he left her alone with their little one.
Well, she was in love with that son of a gun
and the story between them wasn't done.

When she finds him she will make him regret he was ever born.
Track Name: The Stranger
I can't trust anyone or anything these days if you are who you say you are then show your face. You came out of the ocean like you came out of a dream. Your voice, it sounds familiar but you are not what you seem. All your words of comfort cannot take away my doubt. I've decided if it kills me I'll find out what you're about. I can't trust anyone or anything these days but I know what you want and why.
Of all the strangers you're the strangest that I've seen.
I'm not afraid to die.
I can't trust anyone or anything these days.
You are not the one you say you are.
I know enough to say you are not what you claim to be. I've kept close watch upon you and I don't like what I see. I can't escape the feeling that you'll get me in the night. I sleep with one eye open and I'm not afraid to fight.

Now that I've seen your face, I'm haunted by the letters of your name.
Track Name: When Will I See You Again
If you got what you came for why should you stay?
If you know where you're going why delay?
If you won't be returning don't say goodbye.
Turn you back on the ocean and follow the sun through the sky.

I've already forgotten all of your names.
And I cannot remember when you came.
Grab your things and get going. Don't say goodbye.
Turn your back on the ocean. Go see what's out there to find.

It's time to let go. Goodbye and so long. All the best along the way. Couldn't I keep you another day?

When will I see you again?

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